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As with Zagat, Laithwaites began with an idea. Tony Laithwaite fell in love with the world of wine in 1969 when, as a young graduate, he was lodged with the director of a local wine cooperative in Bordeaux. He believed that if he could just give customers a glimpse of this ‘magic world’, they would be as entranced as he was. That’s how entrepreneurs think!

For 50 years now, Tony and his team have introduced customers to an ever-expanding portfolio of wines made by smaller-scale, quality-obsessed winemakers in more than twenty different countries. The Laithwaites team tastes over 40,000 wines each year, selecting less than 2% to offer to customers. The focus is on finding those sweet spots from each vintage where the quality/value ratio is at its greatest.

As your wine guide, Laithwaites will bring you the world’s most exciting wines together with the story behind each bottle and serving tips from the winemakers themselves.

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